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Okada Ban: Horse Collapses From Trekking In Lagos (VIDEO)




Okada Ban: Horse Collapses From Trekking In Lagos 

Indeed, it is an interesting time to be a Lagosian. The Okada ban is, in no small measure, taking its toll on residents of the state.

Even horses are not left out of the hardship caused by the Okada Ban in the State.

According to a video that was shared online, a horse collapsed in Lagos inside the BRT lane somewhere in the state.

Ostensibly, the horse, tagged “O-Horse” (coined after the now-banned motorbike hailing platform – Opay) collapsed due to it been overburdened with long distance trekking in Lagos.

In the video, the fainted horse was seen being dragged by a man rather roughly away from the BRT lane. Also in the video, voices were heard offering suggestion on how to resuscitate the horse. For instance, a voice suggested that “pure water” should be administered on the fainting horse.

Though it is not clear what exactly led to the collapse of the horse, it sure looks like the horse has reached its maximum capacity for further trekking.

The Lagos State government announced last week that it would enforce a ban on motorcycles and tricycles in six local government areas, as well as major highways and bridges in the state.

The full enforcement of the restriction on Keke and Okada commenced last Saturday.

Watch the video below

Video Credit:  @fadererah_

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