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Lagos State Govt Hails Compliance On Okada And Keke Ban



Lagos State Govt Hails Compliance On Keke And Okada Ban

Lagos State govt hails motorcycle and tricycle operators for complying with the restriction.  Six local government areas, major highways, and bridges are involved in the ban. The enforcement of the State Security Council’s order began on Saturday, February 1, 2020.
According to Lagos state government,” the level of compliance was over 90%”. “In fact, some of the ride-hailing companies directed their riders to obey the directive. This is commendable”. The high level of compliance has shown that Lagosians agree with the government on the need to stop the danger that commercial motorcycles and tricycles have become – a big threat to the safety of lives and security of our people.

They should stand firm in supporting the government.

Lagos State Govt Hails Compliance On Keke And Okada Ban

The little discomfort experienced by commuters on some routes due to the absence of motorcycles and tricycles is noted. This will not last as alternatives are being rolled out.

The government has promised a fleet of 65 buses will join the others on some major routes as from Monday, February 3, 2020: No less than 550 more buses are being expected. Besides, 14 ferries will be commissioned on Tuesday. This will further open up the waterways, reduce travel time on various routes and provide safe, dependable and comfortable alternatives for commuters.

The question begging for answers is, are Lagosians ready for this new development? Are you are in support or against this initiative? Tell us in the comment section below.

Lagos State Govt Hails Compliance On Keke And Okada Ban

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