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6 Steps To Jack Up Your Car Safely




safety precautions jacking car
jack up your car

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This seems to be a mundane task for many but I decided to write about it because I’ve seen people get burnt due to little errors. A young man even got 2 of his fingers chopped off. He definitely got it wrong that one time.

In order to avoid such disaster, these are the steps to follow when lifting your car with a jack.

Find a leveled ground:

Before touching your car jack, make sure your car is on a flat ground.


Engage the parking brakes:

Whether it’s the handbrake, leg brake or electronic brakes, make sure they are engaged to prevent the car from rolling.

Reach for the vehicle manual

This is one step we usually ignore. Check the curb weight of your vehicle in the owner’s manual and make sure the jack is rated to carry such load.


Use chocks/wedges

Many of us use big stones picked from the road. It is surely better than nothing. It further prevents your vehicle from rolling. Don’t rely solely on the parking brakes which hold only the rear wheels in most cars.

Locate the jack point of your car

The jack point is a hole or reinforced beam that has the strength to withstand the weight of your car. This prevents damage to the bottom and sideboards of your car. See images of the jack points in the attached photos..


Time to use the jack

Attach the jack to the jack point and lift the car carefully. Always ensure your jack well positioned to prevent it from snapping.


Finally, Avoid putting your hands between the tyres and the wheel wells. 

What mistakes have you made while jacking up your car? Do you have any points to add? Let’s hear from you in the comment section.


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    March 8, 2017 at 20:17

    Nice tips

    • AutoJosh


      March 11, 2017 at 06:18


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