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Japanese Tuner Pimps Up The Toyota Harrier AKA Venza (Photos)



Japanese Tuner Pimps Up The Toyota Harrier AKA Venza

Just barely a month after the crossover was introduced in Japan and a couple of days after its full debut, the Venza/Harrier has been tuned. The Japanese turner company that took this bold step is Artisan Spirits and their creation is gorgeous. The tuner company did a good job in making the Harrier more aggressive with standout body kits.

Now, the modifications are only done outside as the engine was not touched. This is due to it being a hybrid and powered by 3 motors. So don’t expect it to be super fast at all, it’s just to make the SUV more appealing and rugged. At the front, Artisan’s package adds new shrouds around the small air intakes on either side of the blacked-out grille. Look further down a little lower and you will notice a sharp splitter has been added to the bumper for some added menace. Also visible at the front is a bespoke hood.

On the side, the aftermarket wheels will definitely take your attention and hopefully, there are other options for customers to pick from. Now the rear complements the whole package. The most striking is an aggressive wing stretching up above the rear window. There is also a second lip spoiler on the tailgate as well as a diffuser and a new bumper.

No pricing has been announced and from all indications, it will be a Japanese exclusive modification. What do you think about this tuned Harrier/Venza? Tell us in the comment section below.

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