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Lagos BRT Buses May Withdraw Services On May 25 Due To Diesel Shortage




Lagos BRT buses may be withdrawn from the road from May 25 due to the shortage of diesel and other supplies that may likely disrupt services.

According to reports, suppliers have not been supplying diesel fully because the firm is owing them.


Primero Transport Services Ltd., operator of the Lagos Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) may withdraw its services on May 25 due to logistics problems and other issues.

This was disclosed by an authoritative source on Friday. According to the source, the company might likely run out of diesel and other supplies that would likely disrupt BRT operations.

“Primero is planning to withdraw all its buses from the road from May 25. The company is running out of diesel.

“Suppliers have not been supplying diesel fully because the firm is owing them. The company is currently running at a loss.

“Primero will run out of the supply of diesel and other supplies by Monday. So it is not likely the buses will run,”

Efforts to talk with the Managing Director of the company, Mr Fola Tinubu, on the development was not successful.

Since the easing of the current lockdown on May 4, users of the BRT services have been complaining over the shortage of buses.

Recall that the Lagos State Government had directed Primero to carry only 20 passengers inside the 70-capacity BRT buses.

After reports of long queues and an increase in awaiting time at BRT stations in Lagos due to shortage of BRT buses across various routes, M.D, Tinubu said:

“The way we are operating now is as if we are just running a social service for the people.

“Twenty passengers in the bus on the same old fare is not sustainable. We are piling up losses that we need to address urgently.

“Creditors are calling us. We need to address that urgently. The way it is right now is not sustainable.

“That was why we have limited buses on the roads. Every bus that is going up and down now is incurring so much loss.”

Source : pmnewsnigeria