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9 Funny Things Learners Do While Driving



learners driving

learners driving

You were at a point a learner striving to reach the glorious land of ‘experienced driving’. While learning how to drive is an easy task for some, it can be worrisome for others. It is this way because we all don’t have the same capabilities.

Driving is something that requires much of your attention and coordination. If any of these two is missing out, something may go wrong as you drive. This coordination is needed in driving most especially when it is manual transmission. You have to know the best time to upshift or downshift. You have to know when to use the brake alone and when to use it alongside with the clutch, and many more.

As a car learner and someone who’s new to being behind wheels, a lot of things go through their minds as they drive. And when all these start going on in their head, they tend to exhibit some behaviours. You’re about to see some of the funny things these car learners do while they are driving.

1. Parking and waiting for bigger vehicles to pass

I have seen many drivers do this; even my dad did same when we were small and he was learning how to drive. Learners hate seeing bigger vehicles like long buses and trucks coming around. If at all they manage to see these types of car coming around in any of their mirrors, they pull over and ‘jejely’ wait for the car to pass. This is a perfect example of the phrase  ‘i no like trouble‘.

2. Claiming right and explaining their actions when not asked

Most the these newbies to driving can make good judge. One common thing among them is hardly admitting they are wrong especially when the big “L” indicating they are just learning is very big. To them, every other car should give them way and gulp down their mistakes. It really does not work that way here in Nigeria. Again, when they make mistakes, they swiftly start their explanation even when not asked.

3. Hardly  looks sideways

When it comes to fixating the eyes on just the road ahead, most learners turn out to be guilty as charged. Looking elsewhere for a while seem to be a death sentence for most of them, hence, they rather fix their gaze on the road ahead at all times. In case you’re among those keeping malice with a learner because he/she saw you on the road and didn’t care to give you a lift, just know he/she didn’t see you. They are not used to looking sideways when they drive. Forgive him/her.

4. Sitting very close to the steering wheel

Proper seat arrangement is one of the worst things most learners do. Do you know the reason why? They want to be close to the steering wheel and pedals to have better control (this is what they they think).

5. Not wanting any form of distraction

Be you who, a learner may likely not condone any form of distraction you give them when they drive. Some of them won’t even want to hear your voice because it could be a source of distraction. A little distraction from you may end up putting them in their panic mode. You wouldn’t want to experience this. Even when you’re busy minding your business as they drive, be careful of what you saying. Think twice before you use exclamatory expressions like “hey god” and so on.

6. Always wearing a mean look

Most learners are always mean and they hardly smile. Haven’t you notices this, especially if it’s a lady? Anyways, someone who’s on a hot seat dealing with moving a car shouldn’t be smirking anyhow. It’s a serious business.

7. Honking at every slightest chance

Learners have a unique way of announcing their presence via honking while driving. They don’t joke with this particular car feature. No matter how far other drivers are from them. they don’t mind blaring that horn.

learners driving

8. Improper use of turn signal

A good number of learners while driving, suck at using the turn signal. They either put it on too early or too late. The right time to put on your turn signal is when you’re 100 feet (30.48 meters) to your point of intersection. This is generally by estimation. It takes time for learners to get conversant with this estimation. This will make them end up indication way on time or at the very last second they want to intersect.

learners driving

9. Sweating profusely

Most learners sweat a lot behind wheels. I don’t know the reason why it is so. I believe you’ve noticed this too at some point.

learners driving

Do you think there are other funny things learners do while driving but were not mentioned? Kindly let us know using the comment section.

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Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sholly

    April 19, 2020 at 15:51

    I can relate. This is so funny and true…lol

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