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All You Need To Know About Mercedes Benz Limp Home Mode



limp home mode mercedes benz

limp home mode mercedes benz

Limp Home mode is one of the computerized components fitted in Mercedes Benz cars to detect electrical and mechanical problems. This mode warns the car driver of the impending problem that can either put the occupants or the car itself at risk when the needful isn’t done.

Mercedes Benz limp home mode is indicated by the check engine warning light, which activates when as issue erupts within the vehicle.

If vehicle acceleration becomes less responsive or sluggish or the transmission no longer shifts, the transmission is most likely operating in Limp Home mode.This mode restricts gear selection to  only second and the reverse gear.

Surprisingly, your transmission can go into Limp Home mode when there is incorrect transmission fluid level or when you use bad transmission fluid.

Signs that indicate your car is in limp home mode

  • Reduced power
  • Speed limited to 40mph
  • Engine revolution limited to 3000 rpm
  • Transmission won’t change gear (stuck in second or third)
  • Very slow response when pressing the gas pedal
  • Check engine light on or flashing

If your transmission is stuck in gear and you are far away from home, try this:

1. Stop the vehicle in a safe location

2. Move the gear selector lever to park position P.

3. Turn off the engine.

4. Wait for at least 10 seconds before restarting.

5. Restart the engine.

6. Move the gear selector lever to position D or position R.

7. Drive the vehicle and see if the Limp Mode persists. If it does, have your transmission checked at an authorized Mercedes Benz center as soon as possible.

Below are the Mercedes Benz models that have Limp Mode:

There are several reasons why your car can enter the Limp Home mode. Find out what the problem is and get it fixed. Failure to do so may cause your transmission to go into Limp Home mode frequently.

7 Things that can cause Limp Mode in Mercedes:

1. A faulty mass air sensor (MAS)
2. Electronic throttle accelerator problem
3. EGR and exhaust fuel issues
4. Broken, cranked or loose wiring harnesses
5. A damaged brake light sensor
6. Corroded computer module contacts
7. Problem with the transmission neutral safety switch

Your car will still be able to move when it goes into this mode; you can still drive it. But the safest thing to do is to park as soon as possible and find out what the problem  might be. In conclusion, Limp Mode serves as an alert that your Mercedes Benz needs attention.

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