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How To Upload And Sell Your Car On Cheki Nigeria



sell car cheki

How To Upload And Sell Your Car On Cheki Nigeria

sell car cheki

Cheki Nigeria is one of the Top 5 Websites where you can buy and sell used cars in Nigeria. We all know that buying or selling a Nigerian used car is a very daunting task. At such, it is essential one uses every possible tool at their disposal to buy or sell off a car. Cheki is one of the platforms that makes selling your car easy.

Cheki has developed a new interface designed to make the process of selling cars easier and faster. It gives car dealers and private sellers complete control over managing the cars they want to upload and sell.

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Below are 4 easy steps that show you how to upload and sell your car on the Cheki Nigeria

Step 1

Click Login if you are a registered user or click Register if you are a new car dealer or private car seller.

sell your car cheki


Step 2

If you are a registered user, enter a valid username or email address and a password | Click Login.

If you are a new car dealer or private car seller, enter a valid email address and a password | Click Register.


sell your car cheki


Step 3

Once you have your account created/login, you can click on your email address on the page to access a drop-down menu, which provides you direct links to manage your account.

sell your car cheki

Step 4

Click the Sell a Car button

Below is a visual illustration of the steps highlighted above. Swipe left after each image to see the next step.

sell your car cheki

Step 5

After clicking “Sell A Car”, the next thing you should do is to fill in your car details. You’ll need to click on the drop-down menu to choose what best match the car you want to sell. Here you select the make, model, series, year, mileage, body type, transmission type, condition and then you put the price. You also have an option of choosing if the price is negotiable or fixed.

sell your car cheki

Step 6

You can also add other features like fuel type, engine size, interior, colour type and description (600 words), in order to improve your ad quality.

sell your car cheki

Step 7

You should also go further to select your vehicle features such as air conditioning, airbags, alloy wheels, cd player, bulletproof etc. After you must have chosen the features found in the car you want to sell, click on “Next”.

sell your car cheki

Step 8

You’ll need to upload quality pictures of the car you want to sell. High quality images attract more Buyers. Upload at least 3 images. They recommend 6-9 images for best results. The pictures should show the front, back, left side, right side, dashboard and interior part of the vehicle  you want to sell. Image size must be bigger than 400×400.
Click on “Next” after uploading the suitable pictures.

cheki car pictures

Step 9

Fill in your contact details. Your mobile number will be shown on your ad. Enquiries will be sent via SMS. You’ll fill in your name, email, country code, phone number, area/city where you want to sell the car. After filling it appropriately, click on “Next”.

cheki contact details

Step 10

Choose the package of your choice. You’ll have to choose between the N5000 Silver Package (Standard Ad) or the N8000 Gold Package (Quick Sell).

cheki package

Step 11

Make your payment either using Paystack or via mobile/bank transfer.

cheki payment

Instead of roaming the streets looking for where to buy a car, cheki can just do the magic when used effectively. In the end, you’ll appreciate the comfort of selling as well as time time, cost and effort saved.

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Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.