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7 things to check in your car before a long drive – FRSC




Most times, many of us use our car for short journeys only. Due to this, we tend to somewhat neglect our vehicles.. only to become concerned when an impending long drive is required.

Taking a long drive increases stress on many components of your vehicle and if you’re not used to taking long journeys, it’s important that you ensure your car is up to the job before leaving.

There are some aspects FRSC wants us to know.

1. Engine oil:

This is the lifeblood of the the engine. Engine oil needs to be changed as recommended in your vehicle manual as it becomes less efficient over time

2. Engine coolant

This is essentially a combination of antifreeze and water. Antifreeze does help to prevent the coolant from freezing during subzero temperatures.. but the chemicals in antifreeze (ethylene glycol) actually increase the boiling point of water which also helps to prevent engines from overheating.

3. Windscreen washer fluid:

It is often neglected and only noticed when you really need it. The last thing you want is to be traveling on a road you don’t know with smears on the windscreen making it difficult to see.

4. Brake fluid: 

Similarly to the engine coolant system, the brake system should be a sealed unit. Spongy brake pedal or frequent top-ups of brake fluid may indicate a leak in the system, or degraded fluid in the system that requires draining and replacing.

5. Battery:

If your car is quite new, then this shouldn’t be an issue. A car battery lasts from around four years onward. There’s not really a specific time when they need replacing as it’s dependent on various factors such as quality of the battery, driving habits – frequent short drives can lessen a battery’s life and colder climates may shorten a battery’s lifespan.

6. Tyres:

Check all tyres to ensure your vehicle remains legal and stable whilst driving.

7. Lights: 

It is a legal requirement to have working external lighting on your vehicle, so have an all-round check to see if they’re all working. Activate the hazards for an easier method of checking indicators.

Other items that can be taken along includes: Water and Food, First Aid Kit, Torch / Flash Light etc.

I hope you enjoyed it. Is there anything you feel to add, add using the comments button.


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