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Mercedes-Benz V-Boot Is 35 Years Old (Photos)



Mercedes-Benz V-Boot Is 35 Years Old (Photos).

mercedes-benz v-boot

The Mercedes-Benz 124 Model Series which is popularly known as V-Boot was introduced 35 years ago. Years back, this was a popular modern car, but today, it’s now a young vintage car.

On 26 November 1984 the brand from Stuttgart initially introduced the new saloons (W 124) in Seville (Spain). They were introduced to the market in December of the same year. Later the estate (1985, S 124), coupé (1987, C 124), saloon with a long wheelbase (1989, V 124), cabriolet (1991, A 124) and chassis for special bodies were to follow.

In 1993 the model series became the first generation of the upper executive segment of Mercedes-Benz to carry the E-Class name. The 500 E and 400 E V8 were particularly sort-after classics; the performance versions by Mercedes-AMG as well as the elegant two-door versions were too.

This Mercdes-Benz was among the cars our fathers rocked back in the days. Most daddies preferred the manual gearbox to the automatic gearbox.  This was regarded to be a road warrior built for Nigerian roads.

See more photos below;

mercedes-benz v-boot

mercedes-benz v-boot mercedes-benz v-boot mercedes-benz v-boot

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