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Spot The Differences – Then And Now Photo Of Lagos

Who can spot the differences in this then and now photo of Lagos?    See Related Post 4 Tips To Cope In Lagos As A Professional Without A Car Download Our Android App Today… Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria..

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porsche mission e

Will You Buy This Porsche Mission E For N45million? (Photos)

The Porsche Mission E was unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2 years ago and sales will commence in 2019. The selling price will be about $85,000 which will cost minimum of N45million in Nigeria after shipping and clearing.  It is expected to have more than 600hp with 0-60 time in …

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Americans Owe N400Trillion In Car Loans

In Nigeria, you can only get a car loan if you are a banker, high net-worth individual or you have a well paid job/business.. However, the case is different in USA where every Tom, Dick and Harry can access car loans even with poor credit ratings.  It has now been …

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BMW Wants To Eliminate Car Keys Completely And Forever

Ian Robertson who is BMW’s board member responsible for sales has confirmed the company is looking into ditching car keys.  This idea is premised on the fact that everyone now has a smartphone and BMW’s app now allows us perform most of the vehicle functions via our phones.  “Honestly, how …

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See 14 Jaw Dropping Luxury Cars Owned By Dino Melaye (Photos)

See more photos as shared on Dino Melaye‘s Instagram page..     See Related Post Top 8 Things You Should Know About the McLaren P1 Download Our Android App Today… Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria..

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Floyd Mayweather Flaunts His Fleet Of Luxury Cars (Photos)

Floyd Mayweather is said to be the first fighter to earn more than $1billion in the ring after fighting with Conor McGregor.. and he is good at showcasing his wealth using his luxury cars.  The 40 year old boxer has been showing off his cars on social media.  See more …

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What Would You Do If Your Airbus A380 Airplane Lands Like This?

If your airplane was landing like this, what would you do? Would you stay calm, pray, cry, faint or just die at once?  This happened as a massive Emirates Airbus A380 was touching down at Düsseldorf airport in Germany. Just imagine the crosswind blowing such a massive passenger plane like toy.  …

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This Rolls Royce Exterion Will Leave You Speechless (Photos)

It seems Rolls Royce is beginning to have even more interest in one-off cars. We all saw the buzz the Rolls Royce Sweptail created. Now, the Rolls Royce Exterion is becoming a reality.   Created by a talented designer Sergey Dvornytskyy, the car features details that seem to be either inspired by …

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