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5 Features That Would Become Standard In All Cars Very Soon

Technology is changing our perception of the world everyday.Cars are becoming moving technological marvels and the features and specifications just keeps getting better . Some cars are already in the future but others are still trying to catch up.But soon enough all what we think are futuristic would soon become …

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Chivita Bus Tumbles On Third Mainland Bridge (Photos)

LRU on a rescue operation as a Chivita bus tumbles on third mainland bridge outward Adeniji. See more photos.. See Related Post: LRU Now Training For Aircraft Emergencies (Photos Of Their Simulation Exercise)   Download Our Android App Today… Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria..

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Tesla To Build First Factory In China To Reduce Cost

Tesla Motors, the popular American manufacturing company of electric cars is looking to set up a factory in Shanghai, China. The automakers have found out that it would cut a lot of costs such as the 25%  import tax currently applied on its existing Model S and Model X and would definitely help …

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8 Types Of Nigerians You’ll Meet In Commercial Buses

The best place to catch the lifetime moment is sometimes in the bus. There are some extremely annoying things people do that makes you regret even starting the journey. 1. You meet the preachers; Imagine when there is intense traffic and everyone is praying for the traffic to reduce, then …

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Checkout Rapper Tyga’s Camo Rolls Royce Wraith (Photos)

He gave it a camouflage paint job… You like or not? See more photos after the cut… See Related Post: Nigerian Rapper Lil Kesh Buys His Mom A Car (Photo)   Download Our Android App Today… Check import duty for over 5,000 cars in Nigeria..

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The Ten Most Important Safety Advancements In Automotive History

Automakers are continually increasing our confidence in the ability of cars to save our lives in the event of a terrible accident. Crumple zones, airbags, and safety belts are just the start. Now we have electronic aids that actively try and prevent a car from crashing. 1)Three-Point Safety Belt Volvo …

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