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Would You Buy Mr Bean’s Mini Car Lookalike for ₦36M?

The Mini car may look very small but it is mighty in the “Mr Bean” series.. tormenting that blue three wheeler all the time.   David Brown Automotive has even added more might by giving 21st century upgrades to this 20th century automobile.. The modified version which is called “Mini …

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10 New Tricks Of Car Snatchers

MOTUNRAYO JOEL writes about some of the methods car snatchers employ to carry out their activities Cases of car theft have become common in Nigeria. Though not a new trend, car snatchers have continued to devise new methods to carry out their nefarious act. Below are some of the new …

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This Is How A Vehicle Speed Limiter Device Works

A Speed limiter is an engine control device which interfaces with the engine control unit (ECU – some people call it brain box) and speedometer of a vehicle to restrict the engine speed once the vehicle reaches a pre-configured speed. A speed limiter may work by reducing the airflow into …

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9 Tips For Convoy Driving – By FRSC

Convoy driving is driving in a company of two or more vehicles from same starting point, maintaining same speed and heading to the same destination. It is a highly demanding exercise requiring experience and discipline. Whether you are transporting a politician or you are a group of friends heading to …

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Driver License

Nigerians Can Now Initiate Their Driver’s License Online

In the spirit of the continuous revamping of processes of public ventures and ease of making transactions which has seen the Nigerian Immigration service launch a 48-hour online visa application system for businesspersons, the Federal Road Safety Corp has introduced a new and easier way of requesting and renewing driver’s …

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What You Need To Know About Your Car Engine Oil

  What’s written on your oil bottle, and what does it mean? Before you buy a bottle of oil (engine oil), there are some criteria you have to look at, Most people do not know, or understand, what is written on a bottle of oil, and therefore have no idea what …

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