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The Real People Who Were Used As Car Crash Test Dummies In 1970s Germany




This disturbing video has re-emerged of how real people were used as crash test dummies in the 1970s.

The footage which came from Germany shows people being thrust, battered and thrown around in their seats during simulation car crashes.

The video also shows people hitting other vehicles driven by humans while on snowy roads, and drivers smashing into trees which such force the windscreen detaches from the car frame.One man is then seen to be hitting two stationary vehicles on a test track.

Slow motion footage shows the man leaning back slightly in fear to protect himself from the impact.
In all the instances shown on the program, none of the drivers appear to be harmed and one driver even appears to laugh after a crash

The first part of the clip shows footage of crash test dummies in the ultra slow-motion from American car crash tests done in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.

The other part of the clip shows where German crash tests used live human volunteers.

This is not the only case, in 2013, cash-strapped Spanish researchers admitted using human bodies (donated corpses) as crash test dummies. According to the scientists, they’re cheaper as compared to £120,000  crash test dummy(carry up to 192 sensors) and provides better results.

Before the 1950s, car makers assumed no-one could survive a serious crash.

But when Detroit’s Wayne State University decided to test how much a body could tolerate in a smash, researchers raided the medical school to find suitable subjects.

The amazing clip was all about automobile safety and the importance of wearing your seat belt.