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See The Typical Dashboard of Danfos In Lagos (PHOTOS)



When automobile manufacturers make cars, they typically fit the dashboards with some buttons, knobs or indicators. These dashboard features are designed to carry out several functions.

These dashboards items are designed to guide you in order to make safe driving decisions. In other words, these features are there to ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers.

Indeed, some of these functions should not be taken lightly, as ignoring, them could portend great danger.

Some of these dashboard features are there to alert the driver of a malfunction– or potential danger.

For instance, your fuel gauge or fuel indicator keeps you updated on the quantity of fuel you have left in your vehicle. The temperature gauge makes you aware of the temperature of your engine. The Hazard warning or “double indicator”  alerts you to know if you are indicating to other motorists that you are in a distressed condition, etc.

Simply, the better your dashboard items work, the safer your driving will be.

However, a set of motorists in Lagos seem to believe that they can do without the functions of these dashboard items. They are the danfo drivers.

A typical Lagos danfo have absolutely nothing on their dashboard working – well, save for the steering wheel.

This further lends credence to the popular belief that Danfos in Lagos are the most unsafe vehicles to commute with.

Or what do you think?


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