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Standard Operating Procedure For Driving School Operations In Nigeria – FRSC



The Standard Operating Procedure for driving school covers all activities relating to registration and certification of Driving Schools in Nigeria, enrollment of students and issuance of certificates to successful students at the completion of training.

FRSC  being  a  lead  agency  in  traffic  management  and  administration  in  Nigeria  is empowered  by  Section  5(f)  of  the  FRSC  (Establishment)  Act  2007 to  make regulations  relating to  the  establishment,  investigation  and  certification  of  driving schools in Nigeria.

Regulation 33 (1c) also requires the Commission to set guidelines for the establishment of such driving schools. Therefore,  this  Standard  Operating  Procedure  is  designed  as  a  guide  for  driving schools operations in Nigeria.


Any  prospective  operator  of  a  driving   School MUST obtain  form TSC0001  from  any  Federal  Road  Safety  Commission office nearest  to the  location  of  the  proposed  school at  no  cost. OR Download from

Submit a completed form to the Command where the form was obtained with the following documents;

  • CAC Certificate of Incorporation
  • Valid Driver’s Licence of the Proprietor/Instructor.


1. The  State  Committee  on  Driving  School  Standardization  Programme (DSSP)  conducts  inspection  of  the  Driving  School  using  the  following checklists as attached:

  • Classroom Inspection Checklist.
  • Vehicle Inspection Checklist.
  • Practical Driving Inspection Checklist.

2. The Committee forwards report of inspection and recommendations to the Training Department of FRSC National Headquarters.

3. Based on the inspection/assessment report, the National Headquarters gives provisional approval to the driving school that meets requirements as recommended by the State Committee on DSSP.

4. Unsuccessful driving school shall be communicated accordingly.

5. RSHQ gives access to successful Driving School on the FRSC DSSP Portal: for its operations.

6. The   final   approval   is   based   on   the   outcome   of   the   confirmatory inspection of such driving school during the RSHQ quarterly inspection of driving schools in Nigeria.


1. Driving School receives and enrolls prospective trainees according to its capability and grade. (See annex ‘A’)

2. Driving  School  opens  file  for  each student  on  the  FRSC  DSSP

3. Trains the student for at least the specific number of hours as required. This is currently 26 sessions of minimum of one hour each per session.

4. Updates the student’s file on the portal at the end of each training session.

5. Generate certificate of driving proficiency for each student after completion of a minimum of 26 sessions.


FRSC shall sanction any violation of this Standard Operating Procedure for Driving Schools in Nigeria through:

1. Withdrawal of Certificate:

  • FRSC shall notify the defaulting Driving School of its specific conduct that contravenes the provision of this Standard Operating Procedure;
  • The defaulting Driving  School  shall  be  invited  to  explain  its  position  in respect of the violation;
  • If  FRSC  is  not  satisfied  with  the  explanation  of  the  driving  school,  or where   the   driving   school   fails   to   appear   and   explain   itself,   the Certificate of the Driving School shall be withdrawn through a letter.

2.Prosecution in the law court:

  • Where a Driving    School    engages    in    fraudulent    activities    like forgery/falsification  of  document(s)  or  misrepresentation,  it  shall  be notified of the offence and made to explain itself in writing.
  • If FRSC is  not  satisfied  with  the  explanation  of  the  driving  school,  or where the driving school fails to explain in writing, it shall be prosecuted in a competent court of law.

3. Blacklisting of such violator:

  • Where a Driving School’s Certificate has been withdrawn more than two times  or  where  it  has  been  convicted  by  a  competent  court  of  law,  it shall  be  denied  access  to  FRSC  driving  school  portal  which  will  lead  to closure of such driving school.

In the event that a sanctioned Driving School desired to be re-certified, all processes for registration and certification of new driving School will apply.

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