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Tesla’s Retrofit (Circular Steering Wheel) Has All Been Sold Out In Just 2 Weeks




When Telsa decided to add a yoke-style steering wheel to its Model S and X vehicles nearly two years ago, it quickly became the center of criticism. Not only did it pose a problem for some drivers who preferred hand-over-hand driving, but some of the wheels also quickly disintegrated in low-mileage vehicles.

Ultimately, Tesla backed down from its yoke-only offering and decided to begin offering a traditional round steering wheel with the Model S and X. This left some yoke owners wanting to make the move as well. Thankfully Tesla decided to launch a retrofit kit for owners which launched earlier in March. There’s just one issue: it’s already sold out.

Tesla’s website also lists the retrofit as “Out of Stock.”

The steering wheel retrofit was first offered by Tesla just eight days ago on March 15th and costs a steep $700. The product could be purchased through the Tesla App, which would then schedule a Tesla Service appointment. The installation price was factored into the initial purchase price.

While the EV maker did not say how many steering wheels it had in stock, it’s pretty clear that demand went through the roof, despite the fact the retrofit option wasn’t exactly cheap. Apparently, many owners of refreshed Model S and Model X vehicles want to get rid of the steering yoke, which was the only steering wheel option before January 2023 when Tesla introduced a round wheel as a no-cost option for new Model S/X EVs orders.

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