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The 11 Categories Of Number Plates In Nigeria (Photos)



number plate categories nigeria

number plate category nigeria

A lot of articles about number plates have been published here on Autojosh. We previously wrote on The steps to verify if a plate number is fake or original.

Nigeria as a country have used three different number plates before settling for the fourth one in 2011.

To see all the four number plates that have been used in Nigeria, read our post on The 4 Car Number Plates We Have Used In Nigeria.

Today, we will show you the 11 categories of number plate in Nigeria. The various categories come with different background, lettering etc.

Below are the 11 valid categories we have in Nigeria:

The pictures of the various number plates come after the listing.

1. Private:

Background – White

Lettering –  Blue


2. Special/Fancy:

Background – White

Lettering – Blue


3. Commercial:

Background – White

Lettering – Red

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4. Mass Transit:

Background – White

Lettering – Red


5. School Bus:

Background – White

Lettering – Red


6. Government:

Background – White

Lettering – Green


7. Armed Forces/Para-military:

Background – White

Lettering – Black


8. Diplomatic:

  • Corps Diplomat:

Background – Neon Purple

Lettering – White


  • Corps Consulate:

Background – Brown

Lettering – White


  • Corps Technique

Background – Navy blue

Lettering – White


9. Temporary:

Background – Black

Lettering – White




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