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Top 10 Importers Of Cars In Africa As At The End 2016



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This year is gradually going to an end ,it has been a very wonderful year in the auto world.Africa and Nigeria in particular has had some fluctuation in automobile importation.

United States ,Germany and United Kingdom,hold first three spots in the world with U.S. leading with 24.7% ,Germany 7.4% and U.K. 6.6%.

Here is a countdown of the top 10 car importers in Africa

10. Mauritius 

At the bottom of our list today is Mauritius with 0.03% of  car importation the world over.This has an estimated value of  $188.5 million.They are in the 103rd position worldwide.


Nigeria’s close relative , holds the number nine spot with 0.05% and an estimated value of car importation is $319.4 million.They slipped pass the 100th and hold the 92nd position in the world.


Moving towards the middle, we have Ethiopia with similar metrics to Ghana at 0.05% and a value of $349.4 million.They are not doing bad at the 89th position in the world.


Not doing bad at number 7 is Kenya ,0.1% of worldwide importation go into Kenya,an estimated value of $426 million and worldwide position is 79th .


The giant of Africa ,is 6th in Africa,77th in the world,accounts for 0.1%  importation of the cars in the world with an estimated value of $460.4 million .

5. Tunisia

Scaling into the half way mark is Tunisia,they also account for 0.1% imports in the world ,69th in the world with estimated import value of $594.1 million .

4. Algeria

Slightly missing the top 3 spots is Algeria ,also importing 0.1% , 60th  in the world with an estimated value of $917 million .


Morocco more than doubled the estimated value of imports of the 4th on this list, they imported cars worth $2 billion,that accounted for 0.3% of car imports in the world and they also hold the 46th position in the world.


This ancient country is the second largest importer of cars in Africa ,40th in the world ,accounting for 0.4 % of imports the world over with an estimated value of  $2.5 billion .

1.South Africa

There was really no doubt this country would be number one , 0.5%  of all car importations in the world is quite impressive ,32nd in the world and an estimated value of $3.3 billion is even more impressive .

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