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From 2020, Toyota Cars Will Now Turn Themselves Off If You Forget



toyota push start button

toyota push start button

Vehicles manufactured by Toyota which has push-button ignition fitted in them will now turn themselves off after being parked and left on for a period of time. This automatic off feature will kick in when the driver fails to hit the “Engine Off” button.

Toyota has plans of adding this engine shut-off feature to most of its 2020 model year vehicles.

The mistake of unknowingly leaving your car on is easy to make when it comes to hybrid cars. The gasoline engine in hybrid cars most times does not run when the vehicle isn’t moving. This will contribute to making it hard to tell if the car has been shut off or not. If it hasn’t, the gasoline engine will start up after a short while as the car’s batteries begin to lose charge. It can even happen in non-hybrid vehicles, since many cars today have very quiet engines that are nearly inaudible at idle.

According to Toyota, more noticeable warning sounds and visual alerts will be added to its new model to ensure drivers are aware that the engine is turned on as they leave the vehicle.

Toyota will also add features to some vehicles that will automatically shift it into park when the vehicle is turned off. This system will be available only on vehicles with electronic gear selectors rather than mechanical levers.


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