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Toyota: ‘Electric Cars Will Have A Market Share Of No More Than 30 Percent’



Under the leadership of Akio Toyoda, Toyota has focused less on the development of electric cars than other car brands. Under the leadership of the former CEO and current chairman of Toyota, the brand has continued with its strategy to focus on various types of powertrains. Recently, Akio Toyoda took the bait by saying during Toyota’s New Year’s conference at the Tokyo Auto Salon that there is still a huge future ahead for the combustion engine. During the same meeting, Toyoda reportedly said that electric cars will not dominate, according to Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, Toyota’s chairman has said that electric cars will have a market share of at most 30 percent. The remaining 70 percent of the car market will consist of cars with combustion engines, hybrid powertrains, and hydrogen cars. Toyoda believes that the world is too diverse for a car brand to focus on one type of drivetrain. Toyota’s customers should be able to choose their transportation without it being imposed or determined by regulations or politics.

Under the leadership of Toyota’s current CEO, Koji Sato, Toyota appears to be paying more attention to fully electric cars, but you can bet that the brand will also focus on non-electric cars under his leadership in the coming years, if not longer.

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