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Substandard Toyota Engine Oil Floods Market, SON Warns



The Standard Organization of Nigeria has raised a red alert on the discovery of suspected substandard Toyota brand of engine oil in the Nigerian markets.

Director-General, Osita Aboloma Esq. disclosed this.  According to him, the suspected substandard Toyota brand of engine oil was discovered through the SON regular market surveillance activity. The surveillance activities are carried out in its 42 State offices across the country.

The imported product has never undergone the SON off-shore conformity assessment process.  It also was not registered with the organisation for traceability and quality verification.



SON stated that the Toyota brand of engine oil is being sold in One (1) litre and Four (4) litre containers. They are sold to unsuspecting Nigerian Consumers.

The suspected substandard product has no close or remote relationship with the Toyota brands of automobile or the manufacturers.

SON advised the Nigerian public to avoid patronage of the Toyota brand of engine oil in the meantime. The institution stressing that its operatives are on the trail of the marketers of the fake products.

SON advised the general public to patronize only certified made-in-Nigeria brands of engine oil. They come with the MANCAP logo. Also, they are also advised to buy imported brands that have undergone the SON off-shore conformity assessment process. They should be duly registered for traceability and quality verification

The SON assured the Nigerian public that all purveyors of substandard and life-threatening products would be prosecuted in line with the provisions of the SON Act 14 of 2015 and the criminal code once apprehended.

SON frowned at the importation of poor quality products into Nigeria to engage in unfair competition with high quality, certified, made-in- Nigeria brands.

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