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Toyota Unveils Custom HiAce-based Ambulance To Transport Seriously Ill COVID-19 Patients




Toyota unveils a specially designed HiAce-based Ambulance to transport seriously ill-covid-19 patients.


Toyota Motor Corporation has unveiled a specially designed ambulance to transport seriously ill-covid-19 patients.

The special ambulance was developed for Showa University Hospital in Japan. It joins 11 other transport vehicles provided by Toyota to hospitals to carry patients with mild symptoms of COVID-19.

The specially designed, Hiace-based transport vehicle was developed as an “airborne droplet circulation control vehicle.”

It features an interior barrier that separates the driver and front passenger compartments from the rear area, where a bed can be transported.

Special features includes an exhaust fan that continuously expels air from the rear compartment out of the vehicle to prevent driver and passengers from getting infected.


Other features include a motorized lift for the wheeled gurney, which allows them to be easily moved in and out of the van.

The Toyota HiAce, a light commercial van which the ambulance is based on, is offered in Nigeria as well as other markets.

The highly flexible HiAce, which is normally sold as a load-hauler, can also be configure as a minivan, a taxi, and as a spacious luxury alternative to the traditional SUV.