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Train Destoys SUV Trying To Cross The Tracks



The Orlando Police Department has tweeted the video above ,which shows the moments before a speeding train crashed into the SUV, with a warning:

“Please obey all traffic laws, especially when approaching railroad crossings. Trying to cross when a SunRail train approaches is extremely dangerous. Exercise patience and drive safe”

Before the crash, the SUV was seen idling for roughly 10 seconds with no train in sight. Suddenly it begins to move forward at the exact second the train barrels down and crashes into it.

Orlando police Sgt. Eduardo Bernal said the driver was taken to a hospital with serious injuries after the SunRail crash.

Social media users thought the high risk move by the driver was intentional.
One comment reads:

“This was almost surely on purpose. Nothing here looks like an accident. They waited to pull out so the train wouldn’t have slowed down”

But OPD spokesman Sgt. Eduardo Bernal said investigators do not believe the driver tried to kill herself but did say the timing was weird.

The incident remains under investigation.

Do you think the driver was trying to kill herself or is just a case of miscalculation?