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Truckers Protesting Against Law Enforcement Agents At Apapa Port



Apapa Port Truckers Protest

Earlier today, hundreds of truckers embarked on a protest at the Apapa ports in Lagos. The protesters were made up of truck owners, truck drivers, motor-boys, etc.

The protest was carried out to express outrage over the continuous harassment and extortion by law enforcement agents. On the other hand, the law enforcement agents are  drawn from the police, army, LASTMA, port authorities etc

According to one of the protesters, these agents of government create illegal roadblocks where they detain truckers. They then use the opportunity to harass and extort monies from them. Refusal to release monies can see the truckers being detained for hours or days.

The detention of uncooperating truck drivers on the access roads often lead to long traffic buildup of trucks along the expressway. This is the reason why trucks are held up in traffic queues for up to 3 months in order to gain access to the Apapa port for loading of cargoes.

According to one of the protesting truck drivers, only privileged truckers or truckers that have agreed to the financial terms of the law enforcement agents are granted access into the port environment.

During the protest, the protesters in their hundreds, chanted, “CP, Ole!”

Watch the video of the protesting truckers, tanker drivers at the Apapa port earlier today.

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