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If Tesla Comes to Nigeria



Tesla Nigeria

If Tesla vehicles come to Nigeria, several things could go wrong.

tesla comes to Nigeria

Will PHCN cooperate with Tesla?

Tesla is currently the most technologically advanced auto-creation in the world. The brand is at the fore-most in accelerating the concept of clean transport and clean energy production. To this end, Tesla vehicles use electricity, battery and renewable energy to run.

The most obvious challenge with using Tesla vehicles in Nigeria is the problem with insufficient power supply across the country. It is laughable that Nigerians still suffer from unavailability of enough electricity to run lives, homes, business and organisations. If we can barely charge our phones, how in the world are we supposed to recharge Tesla cars for hours?

Tesla comes to Nigeria

Let us imagine for a minute that the Nigerian police uses a fleet of Tesla cars. Due to shortages in power supply, the police will not be able to successfully carry out raids. They also will not be able to respond to emergency calls as promptly. If there is a police chase, the criminal will always get away.

In the case of personal use, anything can go wrong. You don’t want to be in a dead Tesla car in the middle of the Third Mainland bridge or on Lagos Ibadan express way. I don’t imagine LASTMA or VIO officials will be understanding and sympathetic to your plight. Or perhaps, you’re in traffic and the Tesla dies on you. There simply is no replacement for a reliable means of running a vehicle.

Tesla Trained Auto-Mechanics

Tesla Nigeria

Distributorship of Tesla vehicles in Nigeria will most likely mean Tesla workshops as well. Owners will be able to take in their vehicles for repairs, maintenance and replacement of parts. However, there will clearly be a need for training of local mechanics also. The auto-repair and parts business in Nigeria is an old one. Nigerian mechanics stay current on maintenance processes on all the popular auto-brands. They will need to take the initiative with Tesla as well. A training school for those in the business will prove useful.

A Market for Tesla Parts

Establishing a market for Tesla in Nigeria will automatically mean that there will be a market for parts as well. Ladipo and Oyingbo vehicle parts markets will display the shift in the trends. When parts are imported into the country, these businessmen will ensure that they can cater for their Tesla-user customers also.

Nigerians can afford to buy Tesla

Tesla continues to dazzle the world with its innovative inventions. Their products become even more affordable and available. At about 31 million naira, any wealthy Nigerian can afford to own one. We have a wide range of high-brow and exotic wheels on display. In view of this, Tesla is clearly not over the top.

Would you want to own a Tesla someday?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Michael Anyanwu

    November 6, 2019 at 14:07

    I see the possibility , despite the degradation it may suffer from the Naija environment, electric cars could also be used to show social status and its only a matter of time that Nigerians keyed into it

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