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“Warri No Dey Carry Last”: See The Weird-Looking Waste Disposal Vehicle Spotted In Warri (PHOTOS)



“Warri no dey carry last”.

The Pidgin phrase, roughly means “Warri strive to finish first”. Warri is a popular town in Delta State South South Nigeria.

The slogan has become an unofficial slogan for the small bubbling town also fondly called “Waffi”.

Whether it is always rightly applied or not is a matter for debate. Indeed, in some endeavours, the oil city has proved to be a pace-setter. For instance, Warri is the go to place for comedians and funny people.

Well, it appears that besides funny people, Warri is not carrying last when it comes to funny or weird motorized contraptions.

An Internet user recent posted photos of a rather awkward waste disposal vehicle on the street of Warri.

The user wrote:

“On my way from church today, we spotted this waste disposal vehicle that broke down. What can we really call this?”

See the waste disposal vehicle in the photos below.

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