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5 Factors To Consider Before You Compete With A Trailer On The Road.





Some of us are fond of competing with trailers on the road… and our panel beaters over-bill us after our over-skill fails. I have been bitten once, so now, I avoid them like.. I don’t want trouble.  

During the first-to-go competition, several drivers get carried away with the aim of being the winner until they lose big time.. heading to the repair shop after plenty “I beg Sir”.

For me, my therapy is to think of my safety. So, I just let them go. Let’s talk about some of the things you should remember before you compete, probably, they could help you too:


Trailer Drivers Are Reckless And Aggressive

Most trailer drivers are aggressive and reckless when behind the wheels.. especially when driving under the influence of what you might call it. This is evidenced by the number of trailers reported in road accidents on a daily basis.  

So if you want to compete, look for your mate. 


They May Not Even See You

Those trailers have enormous blind spots. This is a major reason they usually have motor boys (Co-pilot).. Some co-pilots that can’t drive. I hardly trust their judgement. Some of them will just tell the driver to be coming.. be coming.. until you hear…


Your Vehicle Could Get Damaged

When this happened to me several years back, I then took the car to a panel beater who even caused more damage to the car. I never believed the guy would use sharp metal rod to puncture the body of the car that was smoothly dented by the trailer’s tyre.



They Can Waste Your Time

A minute waiting time can save you several hours of delay. The sad thing is, those trailers don’t even leave small dents.. they damage your car well so you guys can argue for hours and you’ll spend additional time at the repair shop. After spending the time, you’ll still spend the money.  


Your Life Is At Stake

Even if you don’t love yourself, AutoJosh loves you. So please think twice and drive with caution. Many have been killed, containers have falling on several others. Avoid driving beside them even in traffic. It’s either you are behind them or you are in front running for your dear life. 


Please don’t misconstrue, I am not saying you should be timid on the road and park anytime you hear the word “Trailer”.. A smart driver will know when to go and an excellent driver will know when to hold back. Strike a balance and be a safety conscious driver.

I am sure you have gone through this ordeal before. So, add your consolation strategy let’s learn from you too.   

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