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Yamaha’s OR2T Leaning Four-Wheeler & Prototype Hits The Track




If Yamaha’s three wheeled motorcycle concept raised one of your eyebrows, hopefully their four wheeled offering will raise your other one.

While its MWT-9 three-wheeled concept was making headlines at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show last week, Yamaha discreetly released a video of another similar prototype,the OR2T,it has in development.The OR2T has four wheels and suspension technology evolving from the 2007 Tesseract concept model.

Instead of having suspension units on each wheel controlled centrally by a swing arm, here we have a huge vertical arm per wheel connecting it to its own independent shock absorber and linkage. As an evolution of the Tesseract’s design, the centrally-positioned shock of the 2007 concept model has been substituted by two shocks, one for each wheel.

The OR2T is referred to as a research and development prototype, as the video that Yamaha has just released offers a glimpse of this LMW during testing. Powered once again by what appears to be the MT-09 triple, this new prototype sports a considerably smaller wheel track in comparison to the Tesseract.

Yamaha now has two different LMW technologies in development, one already in production and another on the way. Both the MTW-9 and the OR2T concepts are much more than 3D renders or exhibition mock-ups,but are fully working prototypes.


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1 Comment

  1. Dapson

    November 6, 2017 at 09:48

    Amazing !

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