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10 Ways To Avoid One Chance Vehicles




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In case you do not know what “one chance” means ,in summary its when you board a vehicle and end up been robbed or kidnapped by the owner of the vehicle or the occupants.

After my dad narrated his ordeal of been robbed and almost thrown over the Third Mainland Bridge, I have always been extra careful,and you should too,except you have taken swimming lessons .

Here are some tips to hep you avoid “one chance” vehicles .

1.Be Careful When Offered A Lift

Especially for the ladies , be careful when offered lifts ,I personally advice ignoring lifts except you know the occupants of the vehicle very well .

2.Be Careful During Odd hours

At certain hours of the day you would be more susceptible to one chance vehicles , especially very early in the morning and very late at night.So be careful.

3.Be Observant

Before you board a vehicle observe the vehicle very well and take note for any suspicious activity or intentions,even though most times its not glaring you still have to be extra observant.

4.Is A Policeman Present ?

A policeman or soldier present in a bus , gives an extra confidence.But I have heard stories where they have been used as camouflage ,so you still have to be careful.But most times its safe.

5.Trust your guts

If you feel uncomfortable ,just trust your instincts and don’t board the vehicle.

6.Avoid All Male Vehicles

An all-male vehicle is a no no.Even though it might not be dangerous ,its better safe than sorry.

7.Be Calm

I know you might be late for that appointment,but its still best you take your time and choose the right bus.Don’t rush.

8.Make Use Of Bus Stops And Parks

Its best to always board vehicles from parks and bus stops ,the buses there are most times registered to an association , so its safer.

9.Always Sit By The Door If you Can

When you eventually choose a bus ,try to always sit close to the entrance.As much as possible avoid buses whose owners or conductors insist you go far inside when there is still space close to the entrance.

10.Always Enter Registered Vehicles

In most parts of Lagos for example the Yellow buses with Black stripes indicates registered buses and cabs .So always board registered vehicles .


I hope you learnt a thing or two.

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