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3 Major Factors That Cause Accidents On Nigerian Roads.



accidents On Nigerian Roads

accidents On Nigerian Roads

Road crash is the leading cause of sudden death in Nigeria. It is usually too late to salvage and the result is usually devastating.

The knowledge of these 3 accident causing factors will help preserve lives as well as prevent the “IF I HAD KNOWN” regret:

1. Human Factors:

2. Mechanical Factors: 

This is usually due to poor vehicle maintenance. We hardly do proactive maintenance. We simply push the judgement day forward..

  • Malfunctioning of the engine.
  • Poor steering mechanism.
  • Tyre burst.
  • Brake failure.
  • Failed wipers during raining season.
  • Exhaust smoke leading to temporary road blindness.
  • Defective lighting system.
  • Defective horn.
  • Faulty wheel balancing and alignment.
  • Absence of rear mirror.
  • Leaking fuel which may cause fire outbreak.
  • No reflective triangles.
  • Loose wheel nuts
  • Electrical faults.

3. Environmental Factors:

  • Pot holes.
  • Sharp bends.
  • Uneven road surface.
  • Slippery roads.
  • Rain.
  • Harmattan dust.
  • Sun glare.

Let’s hear some more causes from you. e.g, I forgot to add police checkpoints.


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