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5 Simple Ways Low Income Earners Can Save Cost On Transportation



As crazy as it sounds there are people in Lagos who spend up to 50% of their salaries on transportation only .
This can be fixed by applying some simple steps. Those who have spent years in Lagos might have gotten accustomed to these cost saving methods. But those who are new to Lagos might not know the best way to do this.Let’s get street smart !

The Earlier You Leave The Cheaper It Is

If you leave your home as early as possible you would not only save cost, you would also avoid traffic. Leaving home at 5AM(Or even 4:30, we don’t sleep in Lagos) the fare is usually 50 Naira, sometimes as much as 150 Naira cheaper. Sango to Oshodi is a good example.It can be as cheap as 150 Naira around 5AM, and can quickly skyrocket to 400 Naira around 7AM especially when it rains.

Make Use Of BRT Buses

BRT buses are usually cheaper when they are available, just make sure you get to the terminal on time ! .

Share A Uber Trip

Do you have friends and colleagues who live in the same axis as you do ?, are there some set of people you meet everyday at the bus stop ?. Team up with them and share a Uber ride, sometimes its cheaper !.

Tag Along With A Friend

Find a friend or colleague who has a car, and goes your way.Even if he/she does not go to your exact destination, it would save you some cost.Even if they offer to give you a free ride everyday, its polite to buy fuel for them once in a while, no matter how small.


Bigger Buses Are Cheaper

If you can’t get a BRT bus, you can opt for the bigger Danfo buses(LT), they are usually cheaper than the smaller ones(Vanagon).

Leave Work Early

Just like in the morning , the earlier you leave work in the evening, the cheaper the cost of transportation is .Leave as soon as you close from work, especially when it rains !. For example Oshodi to Sango around 5pm costs about 300 Naira , it increases dramatically around 7-8pm to 400-500 Naira, Once its around 9-10PM, just find one place to sleep because it is sometimes as high as 1000 Naira especially when it rains.


Just be careful not to enter a complete stranger’s vehicle out of desperation to save cost or get home on time. One chance is real.
Were you expecting us to tell you to hang on Danfo ?, no na . Stay safe.

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