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5 Things You Should Know If You Have A Car And Kids



kid in a car

Yipeee !!! , I love kids !!!, so today I would be informing you about some things you should know if you have cars and kids .

1.Keep The Keys Beyond Reach

We all know how inquisitive kids can be , so you have to keep the keys beyond their reach.Don’t keep it where they can easily gain access to it .I am sure you don’t want your kid to take his/her first driving lesson,with your car and without your supervision.

2.Keep Them In The Back

Its safer for kids to be at the back seat .In case of accident they have better chances of survival .

3.Buckle Them Up !

This should be a  standard procedure for anyone in a car ,but some parents are so careless.I have seen scenarios where kids were jumping and playing at the back seat.Just imagine a scenario where you have to quickly apply the breaks ,the kid is going to come flying to the front.and its going to be lethal.So make sure their seat belt is always buckled up.

4.All They Need Is An Extra Cushion

Kids love toys .But its good to be selective about which toys they have while in the car.Its best to go for the soft big toys .In case of an accident hard plastic toys could be lethal,on the other hand the soft toys can be life saving .

5.Never Leave Your Child In The Car

No matter what happens, no matter the age ,never leave your child in the car.Another car might run into yours when packed .Sometimes ago, some kids in Northern Nigeria ,died in a car as a result of excessive heat.because they got locked up in a car accidentally.

Stay safe guys.Most importantly keep the kids safe.

What are your thoughts ? I would like to hear from you.Kindly share too.

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