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7 Etiquette You Should Observe In A Danfo Bus



Danfo buses have become the signature of Lagos, and its going to stay that way for a very long time. The first set of words that comes to anyone’s mind when you make mention of “Danfo” are “rugged”,”disorganized”,”non-chalant”,”disrespectful”.These words are not only attributed to the driver and the conductor, but also to the passengers.
The fact that Danfo is not an Uber or BRT, or a first class means of transportation doesn’t mean we should not observe some decency, or etiquette.

Here are some ways we can observe some decency and stop making people think we don’t have home training.


This is not only wrong its just plain disgusting and can cause discomfort for other passengers. A man once spat out of a fast moving Danfo and the wind helped his ministry by plastering the saliva on the face of the passenger behind him. Have some decency na.

Coughing and Sneezing

Just like spitting, kindly do this the right way. Cover your mouth !

Taking Pictures

I personally don’t understand why people take selfies in Danfo.If you have to at all, make sure you don’t include other people in your picture, its rude and you are violating their privacy.

Playing Music

Please use your ear phones, don’t play music with the loud speakers, not everyone shares interest in your taste of music.


If you have to sleep, do it right too, stop sleeping off on people’s shoulders .Its so bad that some people end up drooling on the person sitting next to them .

Lower Your Voice When Making A Call

It’s kind of repulsive, when you raise your voice so loud on the phone. Not only is it discomforting, its also unsafe especially when you are talking about money or business.

Chewing Loudly

It would be nice to chew your food quietly, some people find chewing loudly very disgusting and discomforting .

In summary, whatever you do, have other passengers in mind .

Do you have anything else to add ?, we would like to hear from you.

What have other passengers done that has pissed you off ? Tell us in the comment section


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