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7 Safety Tips That Would Help You If You Fall Victim To One Chance



one chance

one chance

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I have heard horror stories of one chance victims ,some killed,some robbed ,some left to die and my dad almost thrown over Third Mainland Bridge.

If you haven’t read my tips on 10 Ways To Avoid One Chance Vehicles  ,you should read it.Prevention is always better than cure.

What if you have fallen victim already ?,what can you do to come out alive or safe guard your property and money.This tips would help prepare you for a worse case scenario which I don’t pray happens.

1.Always Go Out With A Dummy ATM Card

This something I do as much as I can .Banking is now so easy ,at times you don’t even need a card to withdraw cash.

Here is what you should do, always have a card with you that has little or no money.Then when you need money ,transfer from another account into the account designated to the card with you.That way you won’t loose much money in case you are threatened to withdraw cash from your account.

There are stories of one chance robbers who use POS machines ,so do not underestimate them.

2.Know When To Strike

This is debatable if there is a chance to escape or jump out of the vehicle you might want to take it,or you might even want to cry out for help .

But you have to consider what can possibly go wrong :

You could get killed(eg getting shot).

You could get thrown out of a fast moving vehicle.

Its safer to cry for help,or try to fight back when the vehicle is in a very busy area or at a traffic light.This is why you should always be alert for weird eye contacts between so called “passengers” and “conductors”.

If they have a weapon ,you might want to rethink this.

3.Ladies Should Have An Extra Line Of Defense

I once heard a horror story of a student of my school,who had pepper stuffed down her private part and I think she was also raped.

Its wise for ladies to have an extra line of defense ,if you wear skirts wear  a “bum short” underneath .While this is not completely fail proof ,it acts as a delay,in cases like this every second matters,because it might save you from mishaps.

4.Secure Your Self

While most Nigerians don’t even know what pepper spray is ,its safe especially for the ladies to carry one around.Also don’t underestimate what a razor blade can do for you ,so have one handy.Aim at the eyes and spray hard.

If you have a razor blade aim at the thighs,if you are lucky to hit the femoral artery ,you would completely immobilize him and he would most likely die in 5 minutes(I am not saying you should kill,but you know your life is at stake here ,so its self defense).

The face is also a good place to aim at with the razor .

5.Stop Showing Off

Some one chance robberies are opportunistic ones.They make a move when they see a possibility of gain.So quit talking about large amount of money on the phone and stop flashing your expensive phones.

6.Always Make Sure You Are Traceable

While there may be privacy concerns ,its safe to make sure a family member or friend knows your location at all times .I found an app for that here.You can as well look for other apps ,just search for “family tracker ” or  related terms.Don’t forget to leave your data on at all times .

7.Study Your Environment

If non of the above works and it turns out to be a case of kidnap,make sure you study your environment very well as you are being taken away.Create a mental map,as it might be useful in the event that you escape.


Have you learnt a thing or two from these tips ?.

Have an experience to share with us?

Kindly comment .

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