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Bayern’s Jerome Boateng Defies Coronavirus Lockdown, Crashes ₦67.3m Mercedes-AMG S63 Car




Bayern Munich Jerome Boateng crashes ₦67.3m Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet car …. causing more than ₦10m worth of damage.


Bayern Munich player Jerome Boateng has crashed his Mercedes car on the motorway while driving back from visiting his ill son.

The damage, estimated at approximately 27,000 dollars or about ₦10m, is likely not covered by his insurance policy.

The centre back was returning from Leipzig when his Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet — wearing summer tyres instead of winter tyres — skidded from the icy road into the motorway barrier.


Besides the damages that he has to pay for himself, Jerome Boateng was also fined by his club.

The German defender is being punished for leaving Munich without the approval of the club during the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the German club representatives, the entire amount of money will be donated to local hospitals.

Boateng has since spoken out about the incident. He claimed he will ‘accept every fine’ as his son’s health is all that matters to him.


Boateng said:

“I accept every fine in the world if it is justified. And I know that it was certainly a mistake not to let the club know about my trip, but at that moment I was just thinking of my son.”

“His health was not good. When a son calls his father, then of course I’ll still go, no matter what time.

I accept every fine for him, after all, that’s my son”

Jorome Boateng added that :

“I want to see the father which doesn’t leave in such a moment to be with his four-year old son. I think it’s sad.”

Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet