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BRT Buses Are Now The New Molues (See PHOTOS)




When the BRT service was launched into the Lagos transport system, Lagosians received it with a huge sigh of relief.

Indeed, it came with a prospect of a very decent means of commuting in the ever-bustling Lagos state. Essentially, the BRT bus service was intended to provide an honorable alternative to the notorious Danfos and Molues.

This mode of commuting was especially welcomed by members of the lower middle class. It presented to them a dignified mode of commuting to and from work.

Tragically, the BRT buses, today, are gasping for breath. They tell a sad tale of neglect.

These days, riding in BRT buses bears no difference from riding in a Molue.

Many of the BRT buses plying the roads are in the scrappiest condition. They represent a total contrast from their once luxurious state.

Just like Molues, BRT buses –  during trips –  are typically overcrowded with passengers.  They breakdown during trips. Many of them have no brake or rear lights. They have chassis that are badly in need of bodywork and spray job.

The interior are also no better. For instance, the internal walls are grimy and coated in dark colours that are in fact accumulated dirt that has caked over time. It is very doubtful if these buses are ever washed.

The interior also feature tattered upholsteries, dirty handgrips, littered floors, etc.

Even BRT bus conductors have become very discourteous and combative. And unlike before, the conductors now scream out for passengers.

Today, the only advantage that BRT buses have over Molues is the absence of itinerant preachers, hawkers, mobile pharmacists, etc.

So, where did the system, operators of the service or the government get it wrong?

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