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Bride Burst Into Tears As She Was Gifted A Car On Her Wedding Day (Video)



Image of A Lady named Titi who was presented a car gift on her wedding day

A bride was gifted a car on her wedding day by a woman she lived with.

At the scene of presenting the car, she made mention of how the lady has been a good daughter to her.

The eye witnesses were however amazed by this gesture and kept exclaiming Jesus!

Image of A Lady named Titi who was presented a car gift on her wedding day

A lady who simply goes by the name Titi, got one of the greatest surprise gifts of her life as she was presented a car gift by a woman she lived with on her wedding day a few days ago.

The woman however made the reason for this known as she said that the bride has been very loyal in serving God with her.

As the Lady was about going on her kneel to appreciate the mother, the mom said “there is no need for that as giving you the car is the least I could do to reward your uprightness”

This act from the woman totally captured the attention of the people present at the wedding ceremony.

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