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Excitement As Luxury Hair Businesswoman, Mizwanneka Gifts A Toyota Corolla To Her Staff (VIDEO)



Diligence is seen as an important key to success. Roselyn, a hardworking and committed employee has been presented a Toyota Corolla Car for her enormous contribution to her company’s success.

Luxury Hair Businesswoman, Mizwanneka has gifted her employee, Roselyn a Toyota Corolla Car as an appreciation for her diligent hard work.

Mizwanneka posted the short video on his social media page.  The clip showcased Roselyn exhibiting shyness in excitement. In fact, she wasn’t expecting it.  Mizwanneka praised the doggedness and consistent hard work of Roselyn. She noted, “So I tot of the best way to appreciate this angel that has been with my brand for 4 years now. Roselyn has dedicated her all and put in everything to my business like it’s her moms.”


She described Roselyn as a staff member that can paddle the ship of any organization to a greater height. “Rose is the one staff that I’ll call at anytime and she will answer and rush back to the office. Even if I’m staying in the office till morning, she will be there. Roselyn will sleep in the office with me.

She works Monday to Sunday if you need her to. Roselyn is an angel really. Since she claims that she needs to be mobile to go and meet her dream man I tot to be the one to buy her first car so she can drive it to meet her future husband congratulations rosy.” She said.

I’m happy I’m the one who bought ur first car thanks for all you do for hairbywanneka… now stop driving the company’s car up and down.

The Toyota Corolla is powered by a 1.8-litre 4-cylinder engine that outpost 132hp. It is also mated to a 4-speed automatic transmission and it comes with sporty aesthetics.

Although a 4-cylinder engine, the Corolla is known to be the most fuel-efficient car out there. That is why is a very popular vehicle in Nigeria and also the best selling Toyota of all time

Excitement As Luxury Hair Businesswoman, Mizwanneka Gifts A Toyota Corolla To Her Staff (VIDEO)

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