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These Are The Reasons Why Nigerians Love Toyota Corolla



Nigerians Love Toyota

The relationship between Nigerians and Toyota brand dates bate to 1965. That was that year that the auto-brand was first introduced.  Nigerians Love Toyota

However, one brand from the Japanese auto-maker that is most acquired by Nigeria is the Toyota Corolla.

Indeed, in Nigeria, the Toyota Corolla is one of the most bought Toyota car.

So, what is the attraction for Corolla by Nigerians?


Reasons Why Nigerians Love Toyota Corolla

Rugged And Durable

The Corolla is believed to me more rugged and durable than its contemporaries from other automakers.

The car is reliable and specially built to withstand rigorous driving conditions such as Nigerian roads. This car – especially the 2002 – 2005 models – hardly overheats even when subjected to terrible traffic. Some users risk delaying servicing yet the car still keeps moving.

Fuel Economy

In a country like Nigeria where the price of fuel keeps rising, it is only wise for the citizens to consider fuel economy in their buying decision. This is one reason why the Toyota Corolla is often a top choice.

The car’s low fuel consumption is because the engines come in specs ranging from 1.4Ltr. to 1.8Ltr engines except the sport versions which comes with bigger engines.


Great Resale Value

First, the Toyota Corolla (like other Toyota vehicles) has great resale value.

The average Nigerian would opt for a tokunbo (used) Toyota if he/she had to choose among popular auto brands.

Nigerian car users agree that a previously used Toyota has a good number of years on it. A properly managed Toyota car will serve its user longer than other brands.


Availability of Spare Parts

In Nigeria, the availability of a car model spare part contribute to its popularity or otherwise. This is another reason for the love Nigerians have for Toyota Corolla.

Their spare parts are easily available to users. Nigerians Love Toyota

In the Nigerian auto spare part industry, many entrepreneurs opt to deal in vehicle spare parts alongside the big brands. It has proved to be a vibrant and rewarding market.

Nigerians Love Toyota

Below is a photo of the first ever Toyota Corolla.

Nigerians Love Toyota

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