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Ebonyi State Begins Production Of Electric Vehicles, Tricycles To Boost IGR




In a bid to reduce its dependence on oil revenue, Ebonyi State government has began the production of electric vehicles and tricycles.

In addition to boosting its IGR, the move will also provide employment in the state.


The Ebonyi State Government has commenced the production of electric tricycles and vehicles in order to reduce its over-dependence on oil revenues.

Ebonyi said in addition to boosting the state’s internally-generated revenue, the move will also provide employment for the jobless indigenes.

The government lamented the damage that the nation’s oil-based economy has suffered due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Disclosing this while briefing journalists in Abakaliki, Special Assistant to Governor David Umahi on Vocational College, Ms Adaeze Nwaji; explained that there was a need to diversify the state’s revenue through converting petrol-powered tricycles and vehicles to electric and solar energy vehicle, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic persists.

She said :

“we are looking forward to seeing a situation where people will no longer depend on fuel but where all the tricycles and vehicles in the state are electrically-powered.

“We are working tirelessly to make sure that the governor’s zero oil economy initiatives are implemented. And that’s why we have come up with this.

“We are building waste-to-wealth projects by using abandoned containers to construct our tricycles body.

“We have a technology that enables us to convert gasoline tricycles and vehicles to electric and solar energy vehicles.

“Before the end of this week, we will have the first Ebonyi made- state tricycles and vehicles”

Speaking further, she added that the Governor had directed the Department of Automobile and Foundry of the college to ensure that the plan was achieved and sustained.

“Our governor is highly innovative and we are thrilled by his leadership style and we can’t help but get motivated.

“We are taking it to the next level. Secondly, we have the technology to convert existing gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles.

“The ones we are manufacturing have solar panel as an alternative power supply especially in the rural areas and this is part of the governor’s zero-oil initiative”

“Germany is currently doing this conversion and we will not be left out. We are joining the comity of nations to take a global action for the planet earth

“Electric vehicles will encourage zero-oil economy, protect the planet as it has zero-carbon emission

“As you can see it does not have an exhaust pipe. We are currently changing our electric vehicles with solar.

“It is a relatively new technology our organized technical team spent weeks studying and trying and we are now confident to speak about it. You know, knowledge is power,”