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Fiat Displays Its Upcoming 600e (Electric Crossover) To The Public



Fiat took an unusual step and unveiled its upcoming electric 600e in a video promoting the World Meeting on Human Fraternity. In a very short video focused on the goals of the Fratelli Tutti Foundation, Fiat managed to squeeze in enough of the footage to leave pretty much nothing left for the official unveiling.

The all-new Fiat 600e – unmistakably Fiat of course, heavily borrows on design language from the smaller 500e, but this idea has been working for Fiat for quite a few years now and customers don’t seem to get bored of the cute and cuddly face with big headlights resembling eyes. With the exterior now revealed, is there anything else left that’s still a secret?

Not really, since Fiat is part of the Stellantis emporium, the vehicle we see here is essentially a dressed-up Jeep Avenger. Or a Peugeot e-2008, Opel Mokka, or DS 3 E-Tense – all these little crossovers share the E-GMP platform. That means a 54 kWh battery pack coupled to a 156 hp electric motor powering front wheels. We should expect a WLTP range of around 400 km from the Fiat which isn’t too shabby.

It will be interesting to see if Fiat goes as far as borrowing the 1.2-liter gasoline engine from The Avenger in an effort to broaden its appeal. The front bumper with plenty of air vents suggests this may be a possibility.

The Fiat 600e is a replacement for the aging 500X, and the company borrowed its name from its vast history. All Fiat 600s were bigger versions of the 500 throughout the years, they either offered a little bit more room or even more doors. Fiat 600 was manufactured in many countries – in Spain it was known as Seat, in Germany it was sold as Neckar Jagst, and even Zastava sold it as its 750 model.

Fiat still hasn’t confirmed when the new 600e will be officially unveiled but judging by the video – the debut must be just around the corner.

Fiat Displays Its Upcoming 600e (Electric Crossover) To The Public Fiat Displays Its Upcoming 600e (Electric Crossover) To The Public Fiat Displays Its Upcoming 600e (Electric Crossover) To The Public is an authoritative car blog in Nigeria. Its objective is to get Nigerians and a wider audience to be more informed about automobiles, the automotive sector and transport infrastructure. Over the years, we have been instrumental in creating immeasurable public awareness about automobiles and their maintenance, safety and traffic laws, amongst others. ...Your mobility, our priority. EH