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First Quarter Of Tesla Deliveries Are Out And They Are Not Positive



Tesla Delivered 1.31 Million Electric Vehicles In 2022, A 40% Increase Versus 2021 - autojosh

Tesla has come out and shared its production and delivery numbers for the first quarter of the year (January 1 to March 31). They are not great numbers by any stretch of the imagination.

However, in Tesla’s defence, the company says it was impacted by both the shipping diversions resulting from the Red Sea conflict as well as the arson attack at its Gigafactory in Berlin earlier this year.

Tesla's delivery numbers for Q1 are out and they're not looking great

As you can see, the total deliveries stood at 386,810 vehicles, while production was 433,371 units. Of those deliveries, the Model 3 and Model Y took the biggest chunk as always, with 369,783 vehicles, while all of the other models combined added up to 17,027 deliveries.

In terms of production, Tesla made 412,376 Model 3 and Model Y units, and 20,995 units of other models. Tesla continues to not specify exact numbers for each model, probably wanting to obscure how dominant the Model Y is and how bad the Model S and Model X are doing.

To put all of this into perspective, let’s look at the numbers for the fourth quarter of last year (October 1 to December 31). In that period, Tesla manufactured 494,989 vehicles and delivered 484,507.

Thus, deliveries in Q1 2024 were about 20% down compared to Q4 2023, and production was about 12.5% down when comparing the same periods. Tesla is due to issue its financial results for the first quarter on April 23, where we’ll see how this performance affected its revenue and profits.

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