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If You Scratch This N902,000 Car Paint,It Will Repair Itself When You Expose It To Heat



Luxury manufacturer of roadsters and maker of Esperante Spyder, Panoz , has partnered with Feynlab to use its special coating on all its new vehicles.

When this Feynlab Self-Healing Plus coating is scratched, it repairs itself when exposed to heat and returns to its original smoothness.

The special coating is applied on a car using a suede cloth.The ceramic in it then chemically bonds to the car’s factory paint to give it an extra shine.

If the coating scratches, the owner can repair them by simply parking the car in direct sunlight or by using a hairdryer.

The heat will cause the polymer to return to its remembered state, and the scratches will vanish.Deeper scratches will not be fixed by this coating.

And you don’t have to buy a Panoz car just to take advantage of this protection. It is available in Europe through network of auto detailers and exotic dealers.

The basic protective coating starts at around $500 while the self-healing compound that Panoz uses is more in the $2,500 range.

Would you pay N902,000 ($2,500) to protect your car with the self-repairing paint or have it resprayed everytime it is scratched ?