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Kiira Motors : Could They Become The Tesla Of Africa ?


The Kiira EV car made by Makerere University students is displayed before a test drive in Uganda’s capital Kampala, November 1, 2011. The two-seater car is the first electric vehicle to be made in Uganda, and has a range of 80km when fully charged, reported local media. REUTERS/Edward Echwalu 

Before we get the ball rolling about Kiira Motors Corporation ,here is what I have to say:

No doubt Africa is making awesome progress , when it comes to design and manufacture of automobiles.

Some time ago I reviewed the Wallys Iris, an automobile manufactured in Tunisia.Not to forget Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing (IVM),which is also doing well .But as I said earlier IVM isn’t being innovative enough(I got lashed a lot for this,but really think about it deeply without bias ).

Now lets talk about Kiira Motors Corporation.

Established in 2014 in Uganda ,a brain child of Makerere University.It is owned by the Uganda Development Corporation (UDC) – the public investment arm of the Uganda Government and Makerere University.

For now they have not gone into full-scale mass production , but they have produced three concept vehicles(although they have two other vehicles that run on petrol-The Kiira CT and Kiira Xova) :

  • “Kiira EV, 2011”, a two seater electric car.
  • “Kiira EV SMACK, 2014”, a five-seater sedan- a hybrid electric vehicle.
  • and the “Kayoola Solar Bus, 2016” a Battery Electric Vehicle with a Real-Time Solar Charging System for range extension.

Below are the images and some info about these vehicles :



  • Number of Doors:
  • Seating Capacity:
  • Length :
  • Width :
  • Height :
  • Engine:
Front wheel drive electric Motor
  • Power :
26 Horse Power
  • Body Type:
  • Safety:
Crumple Zone
  • Turning Radius :
3866 mm
  • Steering:
Electric Power Steering
  • Gearbox One:
speed gear ratio 11:1
  • Wheel Base :
2175 mm
  • Dry weight :
700 Kg
  • Top Speed:
100 Km/hr
  • Range :
80 Km




Dimensions and Weights

Length: 4900mm Track Width: 1660mm
Height: 1500mm Wheel base: 3000mm
Gross Weight: 2020kg Tire Radius: 326mm
Maximum Ground: 168mmClearance



Seating Capacity: 5 Persons includingDriver




Fuel Consumption Highway – 28mpg, 12KPL, City – 25mpg 10KPL
Top Speed Hybrid –140KPHAll Electric – 80KPH
Hybrid Range 500km
Electric Range 32km (Consumption rate of 150 Wh/km)
Acceleration 1.6ms-2 17.5s from 0 –100KPH
  21% (120) at 30KPH 




  •   Seating Capacity:
35 seats  including the driver seat
  • Propulsion System:
Electric Motor
  •  Power Source:
Battery pack and Solar panels
  • Door type
Single lock, manually operated door
  •  Tire type:
10.00 R20
  •  Length:
  •  Height:
  • Ground Clearance:
  • Track width:
  • Wheel Base:
  • Rear overhang:
  • Front overhang:

Taking a look at these specs ,no doubt ,there is room for improvement.

KMC has ongoing plans to construct a plant that would span across 100 acres of land .With a production capacity of up to 60,000 vehicles every year starting from 2018.

What do you think guys , do you think they can make Africa proud and create “THE AFRICAN TESLA” ? .

Keep the comments rolling in .

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  1. Innovative! Sure they can make Africa proud if they have all the necessary support from us.

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