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Lagos-Benin Expressway: Buhari Vs. Jonathan, Who Did It Better?




The Lagos-Benin expressway connects the Western part of Nigeria to the South-South, South-Eastern and Middle belt states in Nigeria.

For decades, this very important expressway was in the most atrocious condition.

Successive governments left the Lagos-Benin expressway in the most outrageous state of disrepair.

The road featured dangerously situated crater-seize potholes and collapsed sections.

Journeys on this expressway took far longer than necessary. Journeys that ordinarily ought to last for 3 hours took 8 to 10 hours, or more!

It is on record that a federal Minister once famously wept – during a visit to a failed portion of this expressway –  on account of the horrific condition of this national expressway.

However, a sincere contract for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Lagos-Benin expressway was awarded by the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

The reconstruction of the Lagos-Benin expressway commenced in 2011.

The reconstruction project was broken down in two phases.

Phase 1 involved the reconstruction of the of the Benin-Ore expressway axis of this federal road.

Phase 2 involved the reconstruction of the Ore-Sagamu axis of the Lagos-Benin expressway.

In 2014, the reconstruction of the Benin-Ore axis was completed by the Jonathan administration.

The Benin-Ore axis of this famous road now wears a resplendent outlook.

The new state of the road now makes journeys smoother and faster. A journey from Ore to Benin, which hitherto lasted for several hours, now takes just one hour.

See photos of the reconstructed Benin-Ore axis of the Lagos-Benin expressway below.

The Phase 2 of the rehabilitation of the Lagos-Benin expressway (Ore-Sagamu axis) suffered delay in its commencement. Ostensibly, this was because of the change of government in 2015.

Nonetheless, reconstruction eventually commenced, though at a very slow pace.

Three years after,as opposed to the reconstruction of the Ore-Sagamu axis of this very important expressway, the roads have been patched to rid it of some potholes.

Indeed, the stretch of road from Sagamu to Ore now wear a pothole-free look.  However, the motoring experience on the road is still very bumpy.

See the pictures of the Mohammadu Buhari rehabilitated Sagamu-Ore axis of the Lagos-Benin expressway below.

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