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Linda Ikeji Is Having A Hard Time Deciding On Which Of Her Cars To Drive (See PHOTOS)



Super-blogger, Linda Ikeji, is one personality that has demonstrated that she is not afraid to put her money where her heart is. This especially applies to owning fancy cars.

Of late,  the success online entrepreneur has  acquired for herself not a few luxury automobiles.

However, having a garage full of beauties-on-wheels comes with a bit of challenge. Making a choice of which of your fancy vehicles to use for your daily commute could be a task on it its own.

To prove this, Linda recently posted a photo to depict the dilemma of deciding what car to use for her daily commute.

She captioned the post thus:

Little girl problem. Wondering which car to drive out in today..🤷‍♀️😅😅. Seriously, nothing beats having money of your own. #toosweet! 😁😎



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