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Top 5 cars spotted in Nigeria for car lovers.

The top 5 cars spotted in Nigeria for car lovers are…

Mercedes Benz G55 AMG Limousine

This is amazing! This is the G of all Gs! It’s also bullet proof. Price was N120million but now N300million with inflation.

Pix: @sopaks_jack


Bentley Mulsanne:

With 505-hp, 6.8-liter V-8 engine, you’ll get 11mpg in the city and 18mpg on the highway. Hmmm! that’s thirsty. Voice activated air conditioning, memory seat belt and media storage are some of the unique features you will get in this N95million car.

Pix: @mactukaymotors


Audi R8

This car is a masterpiece. The R8 was first spotted as a concept car in Will Smith’s I, Robot movie in 2004. And it still looks like a concept car despite being in the market for about 10 years.  You can buy one for N35 million today.

nigeria for car lovers
Pix: @Gidicars

2016 Lexus RX 350:

We don’t need a soothsayer to tell us that this car will be a hot cake in Nigeria. The way Nigerian love the Lexus RX is inexplicable. This is one of the first few that came into the country at about N17million. However, note that today’s price will be higher due to increased exchange rate.

Pix: Gidicars


Chevrolet Camaro:

Spotted in Victoria Garden City, Lagos. So I waited for some minutes for this bumblebee to transform but OYO was my case. I just took pictures of the N8million Camaro and went my way jare.


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  1. Let me know when you spot a bentayga..should be close to 100million with the current exchange

  2. How much are you giving me the G55 Mercedes limo at the last price

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