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Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Says 29 Airlines Lost 44,712 Luggages Last Year



Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has revealed that at least 44,712 luggages were declared missing among 29 local and international airlines that operated within and into the nation’s airports last year.

In a report, Air France led the pack with 6,175 missing luggage on the international scene. Air Peace led the other eight indigenous carriers on the domestic scene with 66 missing baggage within the period under review. While 41,498 of the missing luggage were retrieved by their owners, the others could not.

A further breakdown of the missing luggage indicated that on the international scene, apart from Air France with the 6,175 missing luggage, other airlines involved in missing luggage were KLM with 5,088, African World Airlines with 308, Air Cote d’Ivoire with 670,Air Namibia with 221,Arik Air 172, Asky 1,167 ,British Airways with 4,273, Cam Air-Cowith 109,Cronos Air 1, Delta Air Lines 3,473, Egypt Air 2,448, Emirates 1,725, Ethiopian Air 1,946, Etihad 472, Kenya 1,152 and Lufthansa with 3,750 missing luggages.

Others were Mediana with 218, Med-View 25, Middle East eight, Mid Africa 112, Qatar Airways 1,238, Royal Air Maroc 2,624, RwandAir 1,234, South African Airways with 762, Turkish Air with 4,348 and Virgin Atlantic had 1,166 missing luggage within the period.

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On the local scene out of the eight local airlines that operated within the period under review, seven out of them except Azman Air had issues of missing baggage in 2018.

According to the report, Air Peace had 66 missing luggage with 63 of them recovered within the period. Arik Air recorded 59 missing luggage with 55 of them recovered.

Also, Dana Air had 34 of its passengers missing with 32 recovered between January and last December, Aero Contractors had six missing luggage with all of them recovered within the period.

Besides, Max Air recorded four missing luggage with all of them recovered. Med-View and Overland Airways also had two luggage of their passengers missing within the period, but were later recovered.

In all, 173 luggage were declared missing, but 164 of them were recovered with nine not returned to their owners, according to the report.