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Do Phones Really Cause Explosions At Filling Stations ?




You have probably seen a sign telling you switch of your phone in a filling station.

The real question is , does a phone or its signal really cause a fire or explosions.

Over the years loads of researchers and engineers have taken this up.The answer always comes to this –NO.

The signals coming out of your phone have very little possibility of igniting petrol.

However its possible a spark from your phone battery can cause a fire.You and I know the possibility of your battery sparking is also very low.

So what is the real cause of these fires ?,two words STATIC ELECTRICITY.

Static electricity gets generated by almost everything you do,especially when two bodies meet.According to experts these fires are primarily caused by static electricity.

So how can we prevent explosions ?.Lets find out :

1.Stay In Your Car

As far as I know Nigeria does not have a self service gas station(I stand to be corrected,I haven’t seen one).So you don’t need to come out of your car  .Static can be generated as you come out of your car and your foot robs against the foot mat.

If you have to come out at all stay outside until the refueling is complete,and tap the top of your car to get rid of static before getting back in.

If for some reasons you have to do the refueling yourself ,make sure one hand is placed on top of the car to get rid of static,you should in fact get rid of static electricity before touching the pump.I am sure you would have noticed some fuel attendants doing this, sadly not all of them do it.

2.Turn Off Your Engine

This needs no explanation,turn off your engine ! .

3.Place The Keg On The Ground

Kegs can also generate static .So when you are filling a keg don’t place it in your boot or on your car.Place it on the ground so the earth would absorb any voltage present.


4.In The Worse Case Scenario

If in the worse case scenario a fire breaks out while filling up,DONT pull the nozzle out !.Leave it in the car.And move far far away.



You should still switch off your phone ,when refueling,just in case . 

I hope you have learnt something today.

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