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6 Things That Piss Off Nigeria Police Officers At Checkpoints



Annoying Police Checkpoints

Annoying Police Checkpoints

There are some things people do consciously or unconsciously that piss off Nigeria Police officers at checkpoints. When these officers find you doing one of these things, there is possibility that the officer will delay or  even harass you. Some of it may even land you in a police station.

To be on a safe side and to avoid unnecessary delays, always ensure you don’t piss them off with the wrong thing.

Below are six (6) things that piss off Nigeria police officers on checkpoints.

1. Arguing with them

If you must argue with these police officers at checkpoints, make sure you know you are not defying any rule. Most importantly, you should also know your rights. Arguing with police officers, especially those of them under the scorching sun can be something else. They will vent their frustrations on you at the end of the day. They may delay your movement and when you’re found guilty, you may end up in their station. So, if you must argue with them, make you’re clean in all ramifications.

2. Knowing your rights

There are some police officers at checkpoints who do not like when a motorist knows his/her rights. You  will see “I am pissed” written all over their faces when they find out you know your rights. This burns down the bridge of extorting such motorist.

3. Not slowing down when approaching a checkpoint

Speeding towards a police checkpoint is a no no. It irks the hell out of police officers to the extent that some of them cock their guns. Maybe as a way to remind you of not to evade the checkpoint. But if you do have an emergency, politely inform the officer. Don’t speed off while still being checked. Because that will be the height of pissing them off.

4. Playing loud music

Playing loud music when you get to a checkpoint is one of the numerous things that piss officers off. They see it as being unruly. When you fail to turn down the volume of your stereo, these officers may end up delaying you unnecessarily to take their own pound of flesh.

5. Unnecessary delays in rolling down your tinted windows

If your car is fitted with tinted glasses, the right thing to do on getting to a police checkpoint is to roll down your windows (the driver side at least). This enables the officer at the checkpoint to see inside of your vehicle. They get pissed when you fail to roll down on approaching a checkpoint. Your name will be sorry if you don’t have an authentic tinted permit; they will stress you.

6. Not putting on your inner light at night

You’ll unknowingly send a wrong signal to police officers at a checkpoint when you fail to put on your inner lights at night. They will feel you have something to hide that made you not to put on the light on time. This may even lead to them giving you and other occupants in the car a thorough searching. They will end up searching every nook and cranny of your car.

What are other things you’ve noticed that piss of police officers mounted on checkpoints? Let’s hear from you using the comment section.

Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.